If we choose to quiet the mind and be in the present, we will come to realize we have everything we need. We are living in this very moment and feeling oh, so, grateful. Pause and take a few minutes to feel the cool air brush off your cheeks, hear the leaves crackle under your feet, taste and experience all the flavors of this season: turkey, cranberry, pumpkin. Together our senses help us to literally embody this wonderful time of year.

We called some amazing people to From Mat to Table last weekend. They arrived and together we shared a wonderful evening. The holiday buzz can often create static in our lives. No matter how mindful you choose to be, sometimes we are challenged by the universe. The November experience brought us all back to what really matters: love and gratitude. 

On Molly's Mat, a sequence was built around heart and hip openers that helped us sink into the present moment. We created space and awareness and called to mind all that we are thankful for. The people in our life that surround us and add vitality. The peaceful early moments in the morning. A calming cup of coffee. Pausing to snuggle between the sheets for an extra few minutes before you start your day. The constant chatter and buzz of children running through your world. Whatever you are feeling grateful for, we acknowledged it, welcomed it, expressed it, and brought it to life on our mats. 

As we transitioned from the mat to the table, we appreciated the gentle and restorative flow Molly lead us through. Yoga brings people together and so does food. In the company of each other we continued to celebrate all that we are thankful for. The meal nourished the entire body, mind, soul...and sweet tooth! We started with a healthy and smooth, butternut squash soup garnished with salted pumpkin seeds. The bird of choice? Roasted 40 clove garlic and herb cornish hens. Accompaniments?  A medley of garlic and chive smashed potatoes, caramelized pearl onions and peas, walnut and cranberry stuffing, and artisan Herbs de Provence bread. The finishing touch? Miniature pumpkin cheesecakes topped with a sweet streusel.

We ended the night with full bellies, full hearts and full of gratitude.