Yoga every damn day? Yes. Food every damn day? Yes.

Yoga literally means union. Union of the body and mind. Stretching toward this space of unity allows us to connect to our inner self, our true self, and find oneness. So what about the food? Soul food. Finger-licking good food. Nostalgic food aromas that remind of our childhood. Food is love. We need food to sustain human-life as we know it. Food undeniably nourishes the body, mind and soul.

Last Wednesday night we gathered. We flowed together through some hot yoga. And truth be told, we know you ate some of the cookies you planned to leave behind for Santa. (Not that we are one to judge.) So we kicked up the thermostat and threw an extra log on the fire. Mesmerized and mindful we meditated to the Nutcracker. Embracing the comfort of those that surround us and the warm cozy basement, we flowed though tunes of Baby It's Cold Outside. And we might have cranked it up a notch to It's Getting Hot in Here, as the fire blazed and our glorious bodies and centered minds explored new edges. We ended the night on our mats in savasana to Silent Night. We were calm, we were restoring, and the fire was still oh so bright. 

Anticipation awaited.

The smells. The chopping. The display of fresh veggies in kitchen when we entered the venue...

Not wanting to leave savasana, like ever, but eager to see what awaits - the December tribe flowed from the basement to the kitchen. Awaiting their arrival was a spread of delicious flavors. We're talking pork roasted with citrus and fresh herbs for 10 hours, and then broiled to have the perfect crispy edges. Served over flour tortillas with avocado, lime, cilantro and pickled onions. We're talking our version of slow roasted chicken tinga. Adobo-style. Served over corn tortillas with a homemade radish, corn, cilantro, cucumber and feta salsa. Did someone say guacamole? We crushed over a dozen avocados, striving to make you a bottomless bowl of guac. Is that even possible? We didn't stop here. Ceviche was made from the freshest tilapia and shrimp. Feeling restored and recharged we appreciated the moments we took to gather. We made new friends. We took selfies in front of the Christmas tree. We loved. 

All magical things must come to an end. Why, you ask? Well, we can't answer all the whys in life. But we believe appreciation of the present moment, like really breathing in where you are right now, makes life's magic amplified. 

Thank you to all the yogis that joined in the magic last week. Here's to many more nights with you and your people. 

Namaste. And believe in the magic.