How long is each class? Each event is three hours-ish. Approximately 75 minutes of yoga, followed by about 45 minutes of cooking, ending with our meal together. We will leave you feeling relaxed and send you on your way with a full belly. 

How much experience do I need on the mat or in the kitchen? Our goal is to make all levels feel welcome and relaxed. If your body is calling you for 75 minutes of child's pose, respect it. It's your choice to participate in the cooking demo or watch and enjoy. 

What should I wear? Comfy yoga clothes. This is a casual relaxed event, and there is no need to change between yoga and the meal.

Can I bring wine? BYOB, and BYOM (mat), too please. We wish we could 'pour loving and pour freely.' But we can't. And we love our lawyers. 

How do I guarantee a spot? Easy, payment confirms your seat at the table. 

Where do you host? We will announce the location of each pop-up event as we promote it. After you reserve your seat at the table, and about a week before each event the address will be emailed to you. Lucky for us, not in our parents basement. We've got plans to buy a yacht. #fromboattomattotable #dadweneedmoney

Is parking free? Yes. Unless its not. As we travel to various pop-up sites, we will notify you of parking charges that may apply.

Are recipes available? Yes. Recipes will be available at each event, along with your doggy bag (should there be leftovers). 

What does the cost include? Yoga and food. (Did someone really ask that question?)

What is the cost of each event? All costs associated with each event will be noted on the 'reserve a seat' page.

Is my ticket refundable or transferrable to another event? We don't have a refund or exchange policy. Feel free to scalp your ticket on StubHub or in the parking lot of one of our events. We've been known to have waiting lists. 

Will I ever meet a celebrity chef? Define 'celebrity.' Highly likely. 

How often do you plan these fabulous events? Supply meets demand. We are passionate about this concept. Hopefully often. 

Will you do a private event for me? We would love to talk about it. Contact us. 

How can I follow you on social media? Instagram, Facebook and right here (you made it!) is the best way to get in touch with us.  


Karli Mae

Karli first made her debut on the 2014 season of Chopped. Going for the grand prize as she often does, she started her day in the backwoods with a rifle, and mid-day made her move across the valley to the river bank with her fishing pole. It was here, she literally shot and caught the surf-n-turf she prepared for the winning meal. She grilled the skirt steaks and wild-caught salmon using her secret marinade (not to be disclosed). 

Mother-of-multiples, Karli loves having people around. You can call her Eve, for she has her own garden, where she grows all her own veggies, herbs and mangos (yes, in Maryland - she will show you how!) Her chickens, Sister Mary, Sister Penelope, Mother Thersea (she’s kinda ZEN), and Beyonce strut around the garden, picking and gabbing the days-away. Some might say her chickens are “LadiesofLeisure.”

Show up at her farm and always leave with a warm heart, fully belly and gentle memories of a beautiful time. Salud!

IMG_5082 (1).jpg

Molly Elizabeth

Molly loves the Earth and can be found in the forest without cell phone reception. If it has the word vegan in it and is overly-priced, it's in Molly's grocery cart. Molly enjoys all things gluten-free, even though she has no sensitivities here, and anything that says her three favorite keywords: organic; GMO-free; and, including but not limited to RAW. Have you ever had kombucha? 

Molly loves sunshine and West Coast. Molly claims that her hair is naturally sun-kissed, but who is she kidding? 

Prepare to practice with Molly and arrive at your mat with an open mind and heart and some stretchy yoga pants. (Please wear the ones that also make your butt look good, as you know she will).  Molly's flows are guaranteed to make you tap into your childish-side, probably not end on time, and (of course) include a grand finale of a savasana massage equip with jojoba (ho-ho-bah?) infused lavender oil that is not to exceed 15 minutes in length (unless it does).  


Lauren Anne

It's possible you already know Lauren (or have seen her before). Lauren made her debut on ABC's infamous, "The Bachlorette" in 2009. As her Instagram audience began to grow and the sponsorships started pouring in, Lauren decided it was time to be on the DL (if you know what we mean...fame can be a little overwhelming). 

You can find Lauren either outside of a Starbucks sipping on a Unicorn Frap or floating in a pool on an inflatable unicorn. In fact, Lauren might just be a unicorn. Lauren enjoys all things glitter, "I just really love the sparkles. You wouldn't put a sticker on the back of a Mercedes," she explains, "so why would I leave the house looking anything short of fabulous?" And can you blame her? A natural workhorse, err, unicorn, Lauren is motivated, witty and savvy as hell. 

From Mat to Table is so excited to bring Lauren into our family/tribe/weird spiritual sister circle. She runs with the wolves, howls at the moon and has good taste in wine. Okay, yes, Lauren is a winner. #BOSSBABE