This past month we were blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with the sisters of Everyone Connect Outside (ECO), another women-owned small business. The theme of our Earth Day experience, Bend, Blend & Brunch, married perfectly with the values of their business. It was a natural fit to bring like-minded souls together to enjoy a yoga practice led by two instructors, blend some healing herbs, and then refuel our beautiful bodies with a delicious brunch.

Earth Day is an opportunity to give gratitude for the abundance of resources Mother Earth provides for all of us. When we all give what we can, with our whole being, and take only what we need - we are connected deeper than we ever imagined.

Together we flow, heal, connect and gather.

The brunch started with a small gathering in the kitchen and a light buzz of morning energy as a dozen warm bodies entered the house. The outside lawn and garden was being sprinkled by a light rain shower, so we created a warm space inside full of candles and lavender.

'Good mornings' and yawns were shared as the yogis started to unroll their mats. Molly and Dana paired to lead the group through a vinyasa flow. They took turns offering hands-on assists while the other spoke and demoed the mindfully sequenced asanas. The energy flowed together as one unit for the balancing series. Arms were wrapped around each other's shoulders, as the yogis transitioned from warrior three, to tree, and then down to the ground again. The class remained rooted as the instructors offered gentle reminders about the stability of the Earth's surface beneath our feet. Dana infused lavender into jojoba oil for a savasana massage, and finally the group OM(ed) in unison. At the end of class everyone was smiling, peacefully and our bodies gently flowed from mat to table. 

Upstairs in the kitchen, Karli was putting the final touches on brunch. Delicate aromas of chai monkey bread started to linger throughout the house. A variety of six different quiche were slowly baking: Maryland-style crab and Old Bay; herbs and goat cheese; roasted asparagus and Roquefort cheese; sausage, peppers, onions and cheddar AKA 'The Dude' or 'Matthew Taylor'; kale, spinach, tomato, onion and mushroom, our Farmer's Market quiche; and The Caprese, loaded with bacon, mozzarella, tomato and basil.

One happy farmer and 48 (locally sourced) eggs later, we had twelve satiated bellies. A brunch certainly isn't complete without potatoes, and a hash brown crust was the obvious, simple solution. Additionally, Zone 7 in Maryland doesn't exactly offer the assortment of 'tropical fruits' we were hoping to serve, so FMTT supported our local markets to gather some papaya, guava, mango, melon, bananas, berries, passion fruit, pitaya, pineapple, grapefruit, oranges, black plums, ya pears, kumquats, watermelon, pomegranate and kiwi. LET THERE BE color, vitamins, antioxidants & a beautiful variety of ripe fruit!

Everyone gathered in a circle to learn about the healing properties of herbs. Dana gracefully lectured about the four varieties she prefers to blend together, and guests were able to pick and choose their favorites to customize a blend of their very own. ECO generously gave infused oils to everyone so that they could continue the healing process at home. 

This Earth and these experiences are sustained by the positive energy contributed by each soul. Let us be grateful. Namaste.