Each experience brings new opportunities to learn and grow together. We step into this space feeling vulnerable, full of excited nerves, and trust in the unknowns while we manifest magic.

As we reflect on Saturday night's event, March Italian Madness, the goosebumps surface. It happened again. The most incredible energy came into this experience, from the first spark of creativity, to the meticulous planning and prep. We have so much gratitude for the entire group of people that came together to flow From Mat To Table. The universe is allowing this to unfold so beautifully. 

- - -

Picture this: homemade spinach fettuccine pasta rolled right in front of your beautiful face as you enter a candle lit room...table set for 22...assorted spring flowers, daffodils, and tulips, intermixed with floating candles, both delicately placed down the center of the table. All while a light acoustic jazz melody hummed in the background. A few headed upstairs, unrolled their mats and relaxed, while the other early birds got their hands dirty rolling pasta with us just before “the mat” experience began. 

- - -

Picture this: 17 beautiful bodies...34 eyes closed...108 forehead wrinkles relaxed (yes, we counted them)...and, 1 shared space, full of contagiously calm energy, breathing in unison.

Everyone was gently soothed in and out of each posture to the sweet harmonious melodies that danced throughout the room from a guitar and a bass. 

As the musicians fingers strummed, the yogi’s toes floated up to meet their finger tips. Everyone slowly eased their way in and out of a few chaturangas, eventually landing all the way on their backs.

Meditating through the harmonies, rocking left and right, left and right, they flowed peacefully, into, and out of, a few twists. The room was ready and eager to land in savasana, also known as corpse pose, arguably the most important pose of the entire practice.  

The group was soothed by a sweet lullaby that echoed off the high ceilings. They were gently touched, as if almost kissed goodnight, by the smell of lavender and a very loving savasana assist. We came full circle, only to end, right where we started, in meditation pose: 34 eyes closed and 17 foreheads more relaxed than ever. 

Together we closed the practice with three rounds of OM, the sound the universe makes when it vibrates. Expressing gratitude, we bowed down to the inner light reflecting within each one of our heart centers. At last, laughter and chatter filled the room with a sprinkle of applause for the musicians. And then we gently flowed from our mats to the table. 

- - -

Downstairs we smelled simmering marinara, cheesy risotto and fresh basil. We were welcomed into this space by a team of chefs eager to serve us a practically bottomless tray of risotto bites. 

Everyone mingled, sipped on some delicious Italian wines and eventually made their way to the table for the blessing.  The live musicians paused their strings as we offered up so much gratitude for the opportunity to share this incredible experience and gather. 

The salad course was next. An army of delicate parmesan cheese nests marched out of the kitchen one by one. And, everyone was served field greens, tomatoes, and shallots in a delicious red wine vinaigrette. 

The A-team was busy in the kitchen grilling 100 jumbo shrimp, boiling 10 pounds of homemade spinach fettuccine, and simmering a giant pot of rose sauce. We continued to get intimate with each other as this main course was served family-style. 

Everyone saved room for a dessert or two. We shared Nonna’s homemade tiramisu, alongside a ricotta-limoncello parfait, and a mini cannoli dessert. Some continued to celebrate the evening with wine, while others transitioned to a shot of espresso.

- - -

We learn so much from each other and about ourselves by stepping outside of our comfort zones, listening, experiencing, overcoming challenges, and accepting oneness. Opportunities like this promote so much growth. 

As we keep notes, reflect and brainstorm about future experiences, March Italian Madness might be a repeat event, however next time we might call it March Italian Magic.  

Namaste Bellas