You gathered to vote a few weeks ago, and we've been hard at work with some darn talented people continuing to develop From Mat To Table.

The logo is born. That statement is so simple. We like to give you 'simple.' But there's always so much purpose behind every detail we offer you. 

Take a moment to relax and unwind. Maybe even pour yourself some refreshing kombucha or a juicy glass of wine. Continue to share in our journey through this story. 

Today we welcome a new member to our tribe. Our leader, and arguably the happiest guest at From Mat To Table. 

A true positive spirit. 

A present guide. 

A humble guest. We honor you, Resi.

Our Buddha's name translates to: Gatherer.

Resi's effort is to bring clarity to the path that helps us attain endless peace in our hearts. 

When we gather we harbor the opportunity to become enlightened. When we gather we leave positive imprints on each other and ourselves. When we come together we share offerings of ourselves, and these energies flow freely through us, to those around us, and back into the universe. These positive interactions and dharmic actions lead to good health and happiness. We offer peaceful interjections of compassion for all living creatures everywhere. 

The mat and table are both simple destinations. Simple destinations with powerful potential to heal through presence, reflection, food and togetherness. 

Our Buddha, buddy, lama and guru will be the mind's eye as we flow freely and serve lovingly with you. 

Namaste Resi. And, Namaste to you.