What's From Mat To Table? We meet up, we do yoga, and we eat. It's not complicated, but we believe it's necessary and it sustains human-life (kinda like connection, oxygen, fuel & love). 

Let this event be exactly what you need. One entire evening of you-time. We invite you to show up and share whatever sort of yoga practice your body is asking for. Flow freely, flow gently, flow restoratively...without judgement, we will practice together. 

When your body calls you to transition from mat to table, be prepared to make your own dinner. Let us layout a beautiful spread of delicious food. It's time to get creative and build your own bowl!

REFUEL YOUR MUSCLES: shrimp, chicken, hardboiled eggs, hemp seed, sunflower seeds, almonds, and tricolored quinoa

EAT YOUR VEGGIES: sautéed bok choy, fresh snow peas, shredded carrots, roasted kale, whole spinach, cherry tomatoes, baby sprouts, cubed avocados, cilantro, and mint 

GRAINS: herb & sea salt flat breads 

TOPPERS: backyard herb-infused vinaigrette or roasted garlic greek yogurt dressing

FROM THE COW: shaved smoked gouda 

After we pack our bodies with some healthy goodness, we will also satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. Let us indulge in homemade creme brulee. Topped the way you like it, of course!

What's From Mat to Table to you? Relive the magic with us or experience it for the first time. Join us on Friday, August 11th @ 7pm.

Reserve your seat.  


PHOTO CREDIT to another female entrepreneur, Adeline Waugh of Vibrant and Pure.