There's no coincidence we picked this date and it's the first day of summer. Calling all busy moms, working women and hungry men. It's time to celebrate summer and embrace every memory we will share over these next few months. 


Be still and envision your dristi, the horizon. As the fireflies dance around you, you'll flow in and out of a few sun salutations and find balance in natarajasana, dancers pose. Nataraja is another name for Shiba and his dance symbolizes cosmic energy. We are going to round out our practice with three really loud OMs, that will vibrate all the way to the cosmos welcoming in this magical season.

Let us share gratitude for the time you created to be here, on your mat, with us. Gratitude for gathering and togetherness. Gratitude for wild and free summer nights. 


As you work your way down into savasana, we will start to fire up the grill. It's the beginning of our harvest, the herbs are plentiful, and our first few tomatoes are starting to grow. We will source wild caught salmon (no we aren't fisherman, but we know a few). We will grill your salad (this in and of itself is an experience). And, all of this will be accompanied with grilled summer vegetables and coconut rice. The night isn't complete until we gather around a crackling fire. (CAUTION: Bonfires have been known to cause savory smores and deep conversations.)

Reserve a seat.