What's better than coming together with those that you love? 

Maybe coming together with those that you love to do yoga...lead by Molly. 

Wait, no. Maybe coming together to do yoga, lead by the beautiful Molly...to the incredible sound waves generated by Eddie Hrybyk and Sami Arefin

No, no, wait. We can do better! Maybe coming together to do yoga lead by the beautiful spirit of Molly, accompanied by the incredible sound waves generated by Eddie and Sami...and then fed good food (like really good food) prepared with love by Karli. 

It's happening, and we're calling it March Italian Madness! We're coming at you with a beautiful combination of yoga, live music and a home cooked Italian meal!

When? Saturday, March 25th at 6pm.

Where? The pop-up location will be the rustic Relay Town Hall.

Reserve your seat for this incredible experience RIGHT HERE! 

Molly's Mat

You know that gentle reminder yoga teachers give when you settle into your practice to simply listen to the sound of your own breath? We do. You know that feeling that you get when you're deep in meditation and you can literally hear and feel your heart beating? Yeah, us too. Let's take this energetic frequency and have it permeate all the way through to the souls of your feet, rooted on the mat, letting it resonate through your entire being. 

We're going to vinyasa flow from mat to table to the gentle acoustic sound waves of Eddie and Sami. If you've ever been serenaded, you've experienced this magic. If you've ever been tucked in to the sounds of a sweet, sweet lullaby, then you know where we're coming from and yes, yes of course, you will be getting tucked right into your savasana. 

Karli's Kitchen

God bless yoga pants, because you're going to need them. We are going to serve you some delicious food that will literally melt right in your mouth. 

first course

hot risotto bites accompanied with fresh mozzarella, crisp basil and a saucy marinara

second course  

mixed greens and plump tomatoes served with a light vinaigrette in a homemade parmesan cheese nest

the main course

homemade spinach fettuccine (like homemade right in front of your beautiful faces), served with a creamy rose sauce and plump shrimp

il gran finale

mini Italian dessert parfaits 

cannoli ~ tiramisu ~ limoncello


It's madness, it's crazy, it's so beautiful. We love it and we really love you. Namaste.