Molly's Mat

Giving is truly receiving this February. Come with an open mind, playful heart and warm hands ready to practice partner thai massage. In this hour and a half class, you will learn how to give gentle, loving thai body-work through assisted stretches, acupressure, and deep tissue muscle massage. These postures will encourage deep relaxation and a mindful release of tension. The best part? You're up next! We will switch partners half way through so both of you will be receiving some love and attention. 

This is a great way to connect with your partner and communicate without words. No experience necessary. Come ready to heal together. Open to couples, friends, or someone you just want to touch...a lot. 

Clothing required, please. Cupid will be wearing his diaper. Speaking of Cupid...that's our safe word, should you find yourself in a compromising position. 

Karli's Kitchen

Things will really heat up as we flow from the mat to the table. The entire meal for this experience is centered around aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiac foods literally increase blood flow, spark creativity, and boost hormones that stimulate excitement. 

We will start the evening serving you oysters, two ways. Raw (on the half-shell) and Rockefeller-style (broiled with spinach, bacon and parmesan cheese). Swallow them down, increase dopamine, and boost your libido. If Cleopatra and Casanova had one thing in common it was their love of oysters. 

Up next? A fresh and luscious spinach salad. Smothered in a silky vinaigrette. Topped with sweet candied nuts. It's getting hot in here. So hot. (But, again, please keep your clothes on.) 

For the main course, we are going to rub down some naughty pork tenderloins in fresh herbs and garlic and then put those bad boys in the oven. When they're almost done, we'll drizzle them with a berry compote. Who doesn't want a plump cherry on top? Cherries are loaded with potassium, directly linked to your sexual hormones. Why is it so hot in here? Enjoy a steamy side of broiled asparagus, and try not to get too excited about its sexy shape. This vegetable is packed with vitamin B and folate which aids in the production of histamine. Why do you care about Vitamin B, folate and histamine? Because they promote a healthy sex drive! Duh. This meal will be snuggled right into a soft bed of whole grains. Or thrown on the bed of grains, if you like it that way. 

Oooooooooh, we're almost done. The night ends with a beautiful tray of chocolate covered strawberries. Cacao contains a super chemical called phenylethlamine that increases excitement and well being, and does more than just satisfy your sweet tooth. 

The recommended beverage pairing. Something soft and bubbly and/ or a silky red wine with a full body. Please remember we are a BYOB experience. See FAQ page

Location - Western Howard County, Maryland

Upon purchase of your seat, and about a week before each event, the address will be emailed to you.

Tickets to this event are sold by the pair.