Join us for a unique Earth Day experience as we spoil you with two yoga teachers and lots of hands-on assists. We will start the first part of class with a beautiful vinyasa flow, and end with a gentle restorative practice. Savasana wouldn't be complete without herbal infused, handcrafted oils by Everyone Connect Outside.  Let these grounding plants root you right into Mother Earth. If she blesses us with sunshine we will practice under her golden rays. If she blesses us with rain, then we'll shower in her beauty (underneath a tent of course). 

As we transition from mat to table, you can join in the process of creating a community tea blend. Together we will learn about the healing energies and therapeutic properties of each plant. Everyone will be able to take home a sachet of our handcrafted tea.

The experience wouldn't be complete without food of course. Let's gather around a table full of quiches, exotic fruits and pull apart, ooey-gooey monkey bread. Replenish with fresh-squeezed juices, and feel free to top them off with our recommended wine pairing: a sparkling prosecco or light-bodied sauvignon blanc.

First we bend...then we blend...then we brunch.