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Chakra Healing


Chakra Healing

The smell of sage danced through the air, cleansing space for the yogis as they arrived. Optional body paint was displayed in the art gallery, and we invited the group to join and feel their way through colors that were speaking to them. One guest needed some solar plexus loving (that part of your body that screams, identify, independence, and craves the warmth of the sun)…so we passed her the yellow paint!

In the background our guest yoga instructor, Jen Lyons, shook out a cloth and mindfully displayed a collection of crystals and gems. The outdoor patio was ready for meditation and a gentle journey. 

Painted like warriors, dazzled in all of the bold and bright colors, we streaked our faces, arms and legs. Some dared greatly and covered their entire bodies. It was here, that all the colors of the seven chakras manifested in physical form, just before we offered space to open and heal these energy centers through our yoga practice.

The yogis were carefully guided into unique asanas that would cater to each chakra from perineum to the crown of their heads. As we found our way up to our heart, we thought green, just like the rolling hills around us. We opened the space just a little bit deeper and allowed the light to radiate before moving on to the next posture. 

Eventually the group moved onto their backs, and the warm breeze sent them deeper into meditation. Our instructor took the group on a journey, visualizing some unfamiliar spaces, feeling the breath, and relaxing the entire body. As she spoke, her voice gently echoed in the distance. Butterflies floated around (spirit guides to some) and sound bowl healing filled the area. Crystals were carefully placed on the chakras of each yogi offering deeper healing. A few smiled, some sighed, and others allowed tears to roll down their cheeks. 

Very slowly, but surely, we nurtured each and every chakra of these physical bodies that hold our mind and spirit. Easing our way from the mats, and gently coming back to the present moment, the yogis gazed out over the sunlit farm. The baby blue sky and rich green fields seemed to go on forever.  

We offered up endless gratitude for our final gathering of the summer, bowed forward, and eventually flowed as a group From Mat To Table.

Around the art gallery the group began to graze on dishes that would nourish, heal and cleanse their chakras. A family-style feast of rosemary flatbreads, rubbed with roasted garlic and topped with colorful vegetables and juicy figs to feed our lower chakras: red, yellow and green. And, as we moved around the room we found bold hues and salad stacks, this time feeding our upper chakras: blue, indigo and purple. All of these flavors were intended to heal those energy centers we just opened. So we continued to dine on a roasted beet, goat cheese, arugula and quinoa salad; layered fresh buffalo mozzarella, seasonal tomatoes and basil clipped from the garden; and delicate stacks of roasted zucchini, orzo, purple eggplant, feta and micro-greens.

And on that warm summer afternoon, we sampled tea and toasted to a wonderful chapter with Heron’s Meadow Farm. 


We gathered. We loved. We gracefully healed. And at the end, we felt kinda warm and free inside. The afternoon gave us time and stillness to receive as much love as we put out into this world. Namaste beautiful people. Namaste.


Rise to Shine


Rise to Shine

We set up our mats, facing the beautiful Eastern sunrise. A few yogis arrived a little early to start sampling tea and begin a gentle meditation. As we overlooked the farm and pond, we took a few moments to just be still. Pause. Eyes closed. And breathe. 

A huge hug of gratitude to Danielle Beyers who led us through a gorgeous vinyasa flow. Many moments were offered to ourselves, the strength of this community, and the bounty from Mother Nature! All levels of yogis moved together in unison. And when we finally made our way back down to our mats for savasana, we were greeted with a gift: both a lavender massage and a mist of rain from Mother Earth Herself. Namaste beautiful babes. 

When we started to awaken our bodies, the sunlight began to burn through the clouds and warm our skin. We came to a seat, learned a little about the meal we were about to make, and the locally grown tea that sprouted just a few feet away from our yoga mats. And then we flowed From Mat To Table.

As we gathered around the large community table, we began to let the colors and aromas permeate our senses and our eyes decided how to build our own Açaí bowls. The options included kiwis, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, coconut, chia, almonds, heart hemp, granola and sunflower seeds. We nibbled on a few breakfast breads packed with antioxidants, protein, fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. And continued sampling a variety of tea hand-blended right here at Heron’s Meadow Farm. 

We hold the power to Rise and Shine everyday. Together, and through this beautiful practice, we flowed freely and entered the beautiful weekend to serve lovingly to all creatures everywhere. 

Peace. Love. And Blessings.


One Planet


One Planet

Like we say after each event, ‘No this one was our favorite!’ We are quickly learning that you don’t have to have ‘favorites.’ Life is all about balance. Like evenly giving across all of your needs, but not forgetting about yourself. Our body is One Planet, mind, body and spirit. 

As we entered into the partnership with Whole Foods, we immediately felt connected to their values: good food that’s locally sourced, with as many wholesome ingredients as possible, and to try, with every piece of your being, to support local businesses. They took that business model one step forward when they established the Whole Planet Foundation

The Whole Planet Foundation sources microcredit loans worldwide to alleviate poverty. This isn’t done on the sole basis of money. The Foundation supports these small businesses with start-up capital, resources, and education about how to be an entrepreneur. These businesses sustain, as 97% of the loans are repaid and 87% of the loans are offered to women.

The idea of our One Planet event started here...

Let us bring From Mat To Table into some local business partnerships that can do good. If we have the opportunity to bring a community together through yoga and food and support a wonderful cause, we are moving toward a more peaceful world. We couldn't be more grateful to share this experience with both Whole Foods Columbia and the incredible media team of Doctors To You.

A more peaceful planet starts with YOU, you beautiful yogis! The event began as 21 light beings stepped onto their mats. The view allowed us to gaze over Lake Kittamakundi.  The group breathed their way in and out of a few heart openers, meditating on the idea of intentional energy toward oneness. We inhaled into a few hip openers and exhaled our way through some delicious twists, aiding digestion of an earlier meal and preparing for what was to come. Practice would not be complete without savasana hands on assists, equip with some peppermint essential oil temple rubs.

Three really loud OMS rounded out our practice and moving mediation together. The first breath: for you; the second: for the world; and, the last breath: for the universal divine that lives within each one of us.  

As we transitioned From Mat To Table, we immediately became present with the energy in the market around us. 

Appetizers were ready, and the pizza oven behind us kept busy all night. A curious crowd gathered around to peak past the chefs and see what was happening. 

We took our guests on a slow tour with six stops around the Planet. Our first visit was France where we were greeted with a slab galette loaded with fresh-gourmet ingredients. We jet-set over to Australia for a quick stop and some shrimp and skirt steak on the barbie, mate! And then we cruised North to Japan, and picked up about 16 pounds of fresh fish on the way. There were family-style platters of seared tuna encrusted with sesame seeds, served alongside of field-greens mixed with shredded multi-colored carrots and radishes. And, a few dressings were offered on the side with a dish of sautéed shrimp. 

Around this time in the evening, we stopped to talk about this event, why we we are all here (not sure we ‘truly’ understand exactly why we are here yet..), the passion that draws us all together (we get that energy), and then we breathed out endless gratitude for their support (and a breath for those across the world, and the lives we changed tonight). We wouldn’t be here without each other. 

Our two main courses came out family-style, which means we successfully landed the plane in Thailand and Portugal. (Impressive, we know.) There were dishes of coconut curry shrimp with lemongrass and turmeric, served with seasonal vegetables on a bed of rice noodles. And there were platters of skirt steak tacos, smeared with a spicy chimichurri sauce and pickled radishes. To aid in digestion, we had the group walk to their last stop, Italy. And they were pretty famished and parched by the time they arrived at a bucket loaded with gelato. Nine different flavors alongside hot-brewed espresso. It was time to create your own affogato. No one was ashamed to go back for seconds, there were too many choice to try. We are truly sorry. 

As we enjoyed the end of the evening together, we started to raffle off some pretty amazing give-aways. And, we announced we were able to change the lives of about 4.5 families with the money we raised through this experience. 

Everyone left with relaxed bodies, grateful minds, and beaming spirits.

Together, when we link arms, she has the potential. Mother Earth. One Planet. One Love…and you made it possible.

Peace and blessings,

Molly and Karli

(two humans in one big world, around 7.4 billion humans, roughly)


Ananda Bliss


Ananda Bliss

The candles gently flickered around the room. Luminous white-light bled into the space from the windows. The smell of incense and paleo santo hung in the air. And, 31 beautiful bodies unrolled their mats in a circle, ready to practice something so simple, yet so sacred: yoga. 

Molly tip toed into the center of the group, as we started our flow with a echoing round of OM's. Spines were untwisted, curled, rounded and stretched and we gently woke up our bodies. This beautiful Sunday morning groove, included a few shoulder and chest openers. And before we knew it, slowly, and in unison, our breath began to match our asana. It was simply gorgeous.

Balancing together in perfect unison, the group made their way into tree pose as one. Branches tall, hands touching, and smiles radiating all the way up to the sky. The energy was strong and united.

As we reflect, on this From Mat To Table experience, the blessings are everywhere and the warm feeling of community, one big family, is what we hold near to our hearts. 

Savasana was a 15 minute slumber, full of gentle adjustments, love, and of course, lavender essential oil. On the other side of the large wooden doors, there was a subtle clanging of pots and pans and our stomaches started to grumble as we caught a few aromas from the kitchen.

Relaxed, restored and with restful bodies, the group flowed From Mat To Table. 

We encouraged everyone to make themselves at home, snuggle into a table, next to a big comfy pillow, and continue to enjoy the warm energy and vibrations of each other's company. As bottomless plates were made and mimosas were poured, we paused to welcome everyone to 'the Table' side of this experience. 

One of the reasons this venue was selected is because the food is centered on local, fresh, and non-GMO ingredients that literally fed our mind, body and spirit. Karli talked the group through the various dishes, as we learned a little bit about the rich spices, healthy cuisine, and simple recipes. There is no coincidence Indian dishes include seven main spices, and our bodies have seven chakras. We delighted in sampling so many courses packed with coriander, garam masala, turmeric, cardamom, chiles, cumin, and ginger. As we raised our glasses with this amazing group we toasted to each other, following our passions, and a wonderful year ahead full of health and magic.

Until next time, Namaste Beautiful People.

XOXO, Molly & Karli


Mind, Heart & Soul


Mind, Heart & Soul

In the distance, the fire crackled as the yogis unrolled their mats in a circular formation around its warmth. The embers began to float up toward the starry sky as a flock of geese flew overhead. The group moved their way in and out of a few spinal twists and hip openers, but this practice mainly focused on opening up the heart space.

We gathered to flow and let go of what no longer served us, just as the trees shed their leaves with the transition through this season. The yogis began to call to mind an intention centered around things they love about themselves. They even wrote it down and took it home to be a constant reminder to practice self love and compassion. On a second piece of paper they wrote down something they wanted to let go of. We physically let go of these thoughts, negative energies and feelings as we burned these pieces of paper together.

The fire continued to smoke and the logs that once glowed oh so brightly started to turn into gray crisps. The yogis snuggled into savasana with their heads facing this communal source of energy. And, after a little lavender love was gently placed on their temples, savasana was complete. 

Then the group flowed...From Mat to Table.

This event was all about the heart chakra which is green, so we decided to marry a heart-healthy meal full of green vegetables and soul food. The first course started with a layered salad which included, roasted kale, quinoa, roasted beets and butternut squash, feta, pine nuts and a balsamic reduction drizzle. Next we served individual bowls of homemade shrimp, grits and a hearty sauce full of garlic, tomatoes, peppers, onions and bone broth. Each yogi was able to choose from a variety of toppings at the table to complete their bowls. And finally…let there be dessert! In true southern-style, we made mini pies and streusels with local pears and apples.

This one year celebration of From Mat to Table, brought together a beautiful group. We are present and so grateful for each experience. The magic that surrounded the blazing bonfire and the beautiful transition to the kitchen definitely warmed our heart and soul. 

Until next time…Namaste Beautiful People…thank you for sharing in our love and light. 

-Molly & Karil


“She dances to the song in her head, speaks with the rhythm of her heart, and loves from the depths of her soul.” - Dean Jackson


The Way You Like It


The Way You Like It

Greens & Grains Event - Friday, August 11th @ 7pm

Minutes before yoga began the sky looked a bit ominous, however the yogis were eager to practice outside, and the group almost unanimously voted to rollout their mats in the grass. This was a special evening, with emphasis and focus on each of us. The practice geared us to truly listen to exactly what our bodies needed, and lots of adjustments were offered. Just as the sun was setting, everyone flowed and twisted their hearts up toward the radiant colors in the sky. Slowly moving in and out of the last few downward facing dogs and gently into pigeon, the skies opened up and started to nourish us with a little rain. Without hesitation (or defeat), everyone rolled up their mats and headed into the house. 

It was almost too perfect to be true. Mother Nature knew exactly what she was doing. The delicate pitter-patter of rain showered the lawn and gardens, and the distant sound of a summer thunderstorm encouraged each of us to snuggle into the restorative part of the practice. Sage and lavender hung in the air, as we moved through a few spinal twists, wringing out and letting go of thoughts, emotions and feelings that were no longer serving us. Finally, we took a deep breath and surrendered into savasana. 

For the first time ever, the group flowed, From Mat (to Mat) To Table. 

In the kitchen, the sous chefs were busy prepping a bountiful spread for our guests. Appetizers started with a roasted red pepper and sunflower micro-greens hummus. Next up, four jumbo pieces of burrata topped with homegrown tomatoes, backyard basil, and a balsamic reduction drizzle. We had a brief discussion of burrata vs mozzarella, led by @landofpleasantliving, and everyone agreed we’ll always seek out the fleshy, soft, butter-like burrata. The first-course dishes were interspersed between bowls of sea-salt marcona almonds and marinated tricolored olives. 

Speaking of bowls, we had a few helping hands start to display the assortment of toppings for our main course.

There was a special moment during this event where the buzz of conversation slowed down a bit, and one by one we went around the circle and connected just a little bit deeper.

The group began building their bowls, exactly the way they liked it. We refueled our muscles with shrimp, chicken, hardboiled eggs, hemp seed, sunflower seeds, almonds, and tricolored quinoa. We ate most of our veggies, fresh snow peas, shredded carrots, roasted beets, watermelon radishes, cucumber, grilled egg plant, balsamic glazed grilled peaches, whole spinach, cherry tomatoes, baby sprouts, chopped avocados, cilantro, and mint. We haven't met a cheese we didn’t like, and the 18-month smoked gouda was a lovely addition to our bowls. The butcher block and stove-top was actually overflowing with toppings, and we inadvertently forgot to take the bok choy and kale chips out of the oven! The grains included grilled naan, decorated with basil, oregano, sea-salt and olive oil. The homemade salad dressings included a few choices: backyard herb-infused vinaigrette and roasted garlic greek yogurt dressing. We jazzed up the second by adding a shot of fresh beet-juice. Why? Because it’s kinda healthy and made our bowls oh so pretty! Speaking of aesthetics, our centerpiece was organic edible flowers and herbs. Fresh for the picking and the perfect finishing touch.

The night was complete with individual desserts: homemade creme brûlée and brown-butter ooey-gooey brownies. Everyone was sent home with mason jar filled with homemade salad dressing (and some bok choy and kale, of course). 

When we mindfully listen to our bodies, they will tell us exactly what they need, both on the mat and at the table. We express gratitude to this incredible group of yogis. Thank you for sharing a vulnerable space with us at our first Greens + Grains experience.  

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one. -John Lennon