We set up our mats, facing the beautiful Eastern sunrise. A few yogis arrived a little early to start sampling tea and begin a gentle meditation. As we overlooked the farm and pond, we took a few moments to just be still. Pause. Eyes closed. And breathe. 

A huge hug of gratitude to Danielle Beyers who led us through a gorgeous vinyasa flow. Many moments were offered to ourselves, the strength of this community, and the bounty from Mother Nature! All levels of yogis moved together in unison. And when we finally made our way back down to our mats for savasana, we were greeted with a gift: both a lavender massage and a mist of rain from Mother Earth Herself. Namaste beautiful babes. 

When we started to awaken our bodies, the sunlight began to burn through the clouds and warm our skin. We came to a seat, learned a little about the meal we were about to make, and the locally grown tea that sprouted just a few feet away from our yoga mats. And then we flowed From Mat To Table.

As we gathered around the large community table, we began to let the colors and aromas permeate our senses and our eyes decided how to build our own Açaí bowls. The options included kiwis, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, coconut, chia, almonds, heart hemp, granola and sunflower seeds. We nibbled on a few breakfast breads packed with antioxidants, protein, fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. And continued sampling a variety of tea hand-blended right here at Heron’s Meadow Farm. 

We hold the power to Rise and Shine everyday. Together, and through this beautiful practice, we flowed freely and entered the beautiful weekend to serve lovingly to all creatures everywhere. 

Peace. Love. And Blessings.