• Tusculum Farm (map)
  • 4601 Damascus Road
  • Gaithersburg, MD, 20882
  • United States

Breathe in…pause…breathe out.

Inhale love and kindness to your beautiful heart…feel the warmth…and let all of the emotions wash right through you as you deeply exhale.

Our next From Mat To Table experience will be at another breathtaking venue, Tusculum Farm, where we will marry a beautiful union of yoga lead by Michele Bickley with a four-course meal complete to warm your heart and soul. There are zero expectations on your part, other than to receive a relaxing evening of yoga, food and community.

On the mat we will quiet our busy minds…choose stillness…and set intentions of self-love. Maybe that’s by thinking of one of your many strengths. A passion you have that fuels your soul. Your ability to pause and soften in moments when life get f%ck#ing bananas. Or the bright light you shine into this world. Let us hold that thought and begin to flow.

We run all day, give all day, operate off endless lists of to-dos…but how often do we choose to stop and refuel our souls? This From Mat To Table experience is about holding space for you to receive love. Like take as much as you need. Lean into us and the beautiful community that surrounds these events. Let go and just be held. It’s never too much or too often to create space for self-care, compassion, and radical acceptance of you…just as you are.

As we transition From Mat To Table, our physical bodies will remain soft, our minds at ease, and our spirits radiating an abundance of love in perfect balance for ourselves and for the world.

Let us continue to fill you up. We will begin the evening with a toast and blessing, ‘you carry so much love in your heart, give some…to yourself.’ We will glide around the room and begin to dine on leek and lobster bisque, a mixed green salad loaded with colorful veggies, a main course bound to feed your soul, and a sweet ending of chocolate covered strawberries with fresh whipped cream and espresso.

Step into this warm and vulnerable space with us, and bask in love, peace, kindness and acceptance. Namaste.

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