• Heron's Meadow Farm (map)
  • 1596 Daisy Road
  • Woodbine, MD, 21797
  • United States

Guest Yoga Instructor - Jen Lyons

Let's balance your chakras, yeaahhhh, your energy centers. That feeling permeating through your body, from perineum to the crown of your head. This event will begin with OPTIONAL body paint. So if your solar plexus needs some love (that part of your body that screams, identify, independence and warmth of the sun...then grab the yellow paint!) 

Allow your practice to ground you starting with your root charka - think red - the color of the burning fire sky at sunset. And, as you work your way all the way up into your heart space - think green - like the grass that surrounds you. Bend into that camel pose and feel yourself opening a little bit more. Allow that light to travel all the way up to your third eye. Be still and look inward. Not around you. And feel your beautiful energy. Now, think purple - like the color of that marshmallow horizon that tucks the sun in and says 'goodnight' as you float your way...into…savasana...  

And when our bodies have gently started to awaken, let us pay gratitude to the beautiful space we created this afternoon, and one-by-one, begin to flow From Mat to Table.

A community feast of dishes will lay around the art gallery. Let us dine on rosemary flat breads rubbed with roasted garlic and olive oil and topped with colorful roasted vegetables to feed our lower chakras: red, yellow and green. As we move around the room we will find bold hues and salad stacks. This time feeding our upper chakras: blue, indigo and purple.  Think: beets and goat cheese; fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil; roasted zucchini, orzo and eggplant. And finally…dessert! Homemade pizelles to pair perfectly with our assorted teas. 

Come gather. Be loved. And feel kinda warm and free inside. Take an afternoon to receive as much love as you put out into the world. Namaste beautiful people. Feel that love. 

Our Tea Pairing: Let us continue to sample all of the tea grown locally this year. Herbal, green and black teas. Salud to a beautiful summer! 

Recommended BYOB Pairing: In the spirit of 'feeding' our chakras, let's feed them what they want. BYO favorite beer, favorite wine or favorite spirits! This event is all about you!

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Notes: Check-in, tea and body paint will begin 30 minutes prior to the start of this event time.

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 We hope to see you again, and again! Namaste LOVES!

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