• Heron's Meadow Farm (map)
  • 1596 Daisy Road
  • Woodbine, MD, 21797
  • United States

Guest Yoga Instructor - Sarah Mayhew

“We are stars wrapped in skin. The light you are seeking has always been within.”

Join us under the stars as we flow freely through a practice that pays homage to the decadency and slower pace of life in Spain. In “the land of the setting sun,” people lean into life. Sipping their wine a little slower to pick up on every note. Sinking into their sillas with a belly full of tapas. Gazing around the table at loved ones with a content heart. Come indulge with us in a practice that draws upon life’s sweet, simple moments. Sip in the breath like a refreshing glass of sangria. Flow through sun salutations as if you were leisurely strolling through the plaza. Follow the lead of orange and olive trees as you root down to rise up, vibrant and strong. Sink into savasana like a midday siesta. A playlist of Spanish serenades coupled with Spanish poetry will allow us to further immerse ourselves in the beauty of this rich culture. Let this practice evoke a sense of ease and connection in a world that seems to only crave effort and competition.

Then, we will stroll leisurely From Mat to Table. In typical Spanish fashion, the night will just be getting started!

We will heat things up with a Spanish toast of some herbal tea grown just a few feet from where we unrolled our yoga mats. When we gather around the gallery table, we will foster a sense of community as we nibble on roasted figs with creamy goat cheese, drizzled with local honey, and garnished with crushed walnuts and plump pomegranate seeds. We will then cleanse our palates with oranges and enjoy a tea pairing, as we pay tribute to Valencia with a large family platter of traditional paella interlaced with saffron threads. Finally the night will end with some Spanish desserts. 

Nuestros corazones ven tus corazones. Nuestras luces ven tus luces. Namaste gente hermosa.

Our Tea Pairing: Locally grown tea with cinnamon and berry notes!

Recommended BYOB Pairing: Sangria. Let's not complicate things. 

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Notes: Check-in, tea and meditation will begin 30 minutes prior to the start of this event time.

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 We hope to see you again, and again! Namaste LOVES!

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