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The omega female is very strong, smart, and independent. To her, there is no competition and confrontations are obsolete. Let’s join arms and flow with women who encourage us to vibrate at our highest frequency. We are all in this together. More peace. More love. More light. 

Let us balance your mind. Feed your bodies food rich in omega fatty acids. And connect your gorgeous spirits to a community of ladies equally as divine. 

Our experience will start with a relaxing hour of tea and chill. After a bit, we will make our way to our mats and start to settle in with yoga led by Michele Bickley. As we ground down and begin to exchange energy with the Earth below us, and people around us, we will call to mind an intention. Let it be something that makes you radiate, something that makes you glow, and be the highest possible version of you. Let us stay, like right there, and breathe. A deep and gentle flow for the next 90 minutes.  Take this time and this space to make it all about you. Together let’s rise. 

Eventually we will move back down to our mats and into savasana. Let the aroma of lavender gently snuggle you into stillness. Breathe in the essential oils and soak in the slow temple massage.

We don’t really want to move, but our mind is curious about what’s happening in the kitchen and the smells are tempting our tastebuds…so gracefully, we will flow From Mat To Table

Let us greet you with a variety of juice shots that will aid you in digestion, immunity and stamina. Next up, a roasted kale, Maryland crab, and Eastern Shore sweetcorn stack. We always aim to bring the best ingredients to each event. This menu is packed with fresh, local and seasonal produce and proteins. No one came to the party for the kale, so let’s continue to a heart-healthy course packed with more OM-ega fatty acids. Spinach…hard boiled eggs…avocado…hemp seed…and a drizzle of homemade red-wine vinaigrette to fuel your beautiful bodies. We will slow things down, just a little, and groove our way to dinner. Pick your protein (chicken or salmon) and let us encrust it with walnuts and a few spices. Dinner will be served family-style with wild grains and colorful veggies. 

Our bodies don’t naturally produce all of the OM-ega fatty acids we need; this type of nutrient must be ingested. But we didn’t stop incorporating dishes loaded with fatty acids when we selected the desserts for you. Build yourself some affagoto with Talenti gelato and nibble on some dark chocolate cherry crumble. Nibble, nibble-away, and when your neighbor looks-away, swipe a scoop from her plate too! We won’t tell.

The OM-ega female is strong, wise and free-spirited. Always ready for an adventure. Always vibrating in a blissful space with her tribe. 

Join us for the OM-ega Sisterhood Circle as we flow From Mat To Table.

Saturday, September 15th


This is a private event. Invitation only.

Words don't do justice to tell you a little about our instructor, Michele Bickley, but there's just so much goodness to share. She has been practicing and teaching yoga and dance for over twenty years and is a wonderful mother to two little yogis! Her mentors include some pretty incredible spirits, so there's no surprise her vibe is equally as divine. And perhaps part of this is because half her heart lives in sunny California, where she spent years spreading peace, love and light. Namaste sister. We bow our heads to the positive energy you spread everywhere you travel and we absolutely cannot wait to flow with you.