Looking for a way to connect with your partner in a way that's a deeper than that Good Morning text? How about Thai Massage? Thai culture should be known and remembered for more than just their delicious curry. These people...mastered...massage. Let's commemorate their heritage with something a little more sensual and sacred...touch. 

Touch is one of the love languages and we invite you to partake in a little more than a linguistics lesson with this experience. 

Mhmm, yeah, you guessed it: Partner Massage. Grab your guy (or girl) and allow them to soothe your muscles with gentle adjustments and kneading (unless you've been naughty). Allow Molly to lead you through a 30 minute flow (for each partner) as you give and receive this gift from your significant other. 

No experience necessary. Partners are kinda required.

(And, we feel really awful for Molly's boyfriend, who is doomed to demo this twice. Really hard life for Josh, truly tragic.)

As we transition off our Mats and to the Table...let us begin to tantalize your tastebuds with nothing but aphrodisiacs. 

Feed yourself and your partner(sssss) - Oysters Three Ways. Raw. Rockefeller. And, Frenched. Yep, you read that right. We used Frenched as a word. 

We will slow things down, with fresh tossed greens and some sweet candied nuts. (Because we like them that way). Served with your choice, a homemade vinaigrette or a homemade beet Caesar dressing (Red for Saint Valentine himself).

And then on to the main course, we hope you're ready...We have hand stuffed some sausages for you, and will serve them as a side-dish to the famous, 'Come F Me Penne a la Vodka' (incase you think we are full of it, feel free to Google, maybe not on your work computer, or click here, this dish is for reals.)

Our grand finale, includes a decadent tray of chocolate covered strawberries, served alongside some espresso and whipped cream body shots, we mean whipped cream shots to top off your espresso. Unless you were hoping Cupid would serve them to you in his undies, which can be arranged and is included in the ticket. 

It's getting hot in here. But again, please keep your clothes on. And the updated waivers include some new language from our lawyers about off-spring born around Thanksgiving this year. Yeah, we aren't responsible for them. Just so we're all clear. 

Reserve your seat here.

($130 - through our website; $125 - VENMO - @FromMatToTable)

Tickets only sold as pairs. So snag yours and bring someone you want to touch... a lot. Namaste, lovers.