As we settle into 2018, let's focus our energy inwards. Allow your manifestations and intentions to unfold on your mat as Molly leads you though a Yin Yoga practice. This experience will focus on proper alignment through our chakras, with emphasis on our top three energy centers: speaking our truth, seeing our truth and connecting with the divine. As we come out of savasana we will join together in a sisterhood circle and journal our intentions for the New Year. 

After yoga, let us slowly flow From Mat To Table and embrace all of the aromas coming from the kitchen.

We will eat with the seasons and focus on hearty winter vegetables, starting with a homemade minestrone soup packed with garlic, carrots, onions, Italian herbs, roasted tomatoes, celery, potatoes, beans and kale. If that soup isn't enough to feed the mind, body and soul our second course will include pounded chicken breasts, lightly pan-friend in olive oil, and drizzled with a lemon, caper and herb sauce, served with a side of angel hair pasta. This experience wouldn't be complete without a little sweet ending. Let us pass a family-style plate of homemade cannoli and toast 'to health and more me-time' with a little espresso.

This experience is all about balancing the chakras through yoga and seasonal foods, and moving into the New Year with clear intentions, surrounded by those we love, of course. 


This is a private event. Please contact us to book your own experience!