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One Planet


One Planet

Like we say after each event, ‘No this one was our favorite!’ We are quickly learning that you don’t have to have ‘favorites.’ Life is all about balance. Like evenly giving across all of your needs, but not forgetting about yourself. Our body is One Planet, mind, body and spirit. 

As we entered into the partnership with Whole Foods, we immediately felt connected to their values: good food that’s locally sourced, with as many wholesome ingredients as possible, and to try, with every piece of your being, to support local businesses. They took that business model one step forward when they established the Whole Planet Foundation

The Whole Planet Foundation sources microcredit loans worldwide to alleviate poverty. This isn’t done on the sole basis of money. The Foundation supports these small businesses with start-up capital, resources, and education about how to be an entrepreneur. These businesses sustain, as 97% of the loans are repaid and 87% of the loans are offered to women.

The idea of our One Planet event started here...

Let us bring From Mat To Table into some local business partnerships that can do good. If we have the opportunity to bring a community together through yoga and food and support a wonderful cause, we are moving toward a more peaceful world. We couldn't be more grateful to share this experience with both Whole Foods Columbia and the incredible media team of Doctors To You.

A more peaceful planet starts with YOU, you beautiful yogis! The event began as 21 light beings stepped onto their mats. The view allowed us to gaze over Lake Kittamakundi.  The group breathed their way in and out of a few heart openers, meditating on the idea of intentional energy toward oneness. We inhaled into a few hip openers and exhaled our way through some delicious twists, aiding digestion of an earlier meal and preparing for what was to come. Practice would not be complete without savasana hands on assists, equip with some peppermint essential oil temple rubs.

Three really loud OMS rounded out our practice and moving mediation together. The first breath: for you; the second: for the world; and, the last breath: for the universal divine that lives within each one of us.  

As we transitioned From Mat To Table, we immediately became present with the energy in the market around us. 

Appetizers were ready, and the pizza oven behind us kept busy all night. A curious crowd gathered around to peak past the chefs and see what was happening. 

We took our guests on a slow tour with six stops around the Planet. Our first visit was France where we were greeted with a slab galette loaded with fresh-gourmet ingredients. We jet-set over to Australia for a quick stop and some shrimp and skirt steak on the barbie, mate! And then we cruised North to Japan, and picked up about 16 pounds of fresh fish on the way. There were family-style platters of seared tuna encrusted with sesame seeds, served alongside of field-greens mixed with shredded multi-colored carrots and radishes. And, a few dressings were offered on the side with a dish of sautéed shrimp. 

Around this time in the evening, we stopped to talk about this event, why we we are all here (not sure we ‘truly’ understand exactly why we are here yet..), the passion that draws us all together (we get that energy), and then we breathed out endless gratitude for their support (and a breath for those across the world, and the lives we changed tonight). We wouldn’t be here without each other. 

Our two main courses came out family-style, which means we successfully landed the plane in Thailand and Portugal. (Impressive, we know.) There were dishes of coconut curry shrimp with lemongrass and turmeric, served with seasonal vegetables on a bed of rice noodles. And there were platters of skirt steak tacos, smeared with a spicy chimichurri sauce and pickled radishes. To aid in digestion, we had the group walk to their last stop, Italy. And they were pretty famished and parched by the time they arrived at a bucket loaded with gelato. Nine different flavors alongside hot-brewed espresso. It was time to create your own affogato. No one was ashamed to go back for seconds, there were too many choice to try. We are truly sorry. 

As we enjoyed the end of the evening together, we started to raffle off some pretty amazing give-aways. And, we announced we were able to change the lives of about 4.5 families with the money we raised through this experience. 

Everyone left with relaxed bodies, grateful minds, and beaming spirits.

Together, when we link arms, she has the potential. Mother Earth. One Planet. One Love…and you made it possible.

Peace and blessings,

Molly and Karli

(two humans in one big world, around 7.4 billion humans, roughly)


Elf Sushi, Elf Juice & Elf Magic


Elf Sushi, Elf Juice & Elf Magic

The crisp, clear night was so cold you could see your breath. As the guests arrived, eager to snuggle up and defrost, there was a gentle buzz of light conversation floating in the ether of the mat and the table. The yoga mats were unrolled in front of the blazing fireplace, and we let the cracking embers and light guide us through our moving meditation. 

There was a request for shoulder openers, likely from too much time spent crunched over a computer doing some last minute Christmas shopping. (Don't worry girl, we got you.) The group flowed through a creatively sequenced set of asanas and our bodies started to warm up. And, Karli and her elves were busy in the kitchen toasting up the homemade egg rolls. 

We made our way down to our mats, turned off all the lights, and restored through the remainder of our practice by candles and the fading fire. Only two of Santa's helpers fell asleep in Savasana, but it's okay, you're still on the nice list this year (wink, wink). The snow started to come down around this part of the evening and continue for about the next hour. We feel this a beautiful acknowledgement from the universe that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be. Here, together, with each other. 

And with a gentle massage of peppermint oil on to their temples, the yoga part of the night ended and the group flowed...From Mat To Table.

The kitchen was filled with sweet and savory aromas and the table had a spread large enough to feed an NFL football team (well maybe). 

We toasted with a shot of healthy Elf Juice, ‘To all the good energy we can reflect on from this past year, let us manifest this same magic through the season.’ Just incase you are wondering, we patented the Elf Juice blend (kale, cucumber, mint, lemon and ginger). Thank you Roots Market for these delicious and fresh ingredients! 

The group grazed at their own pace on a few appetizers. Edamame, spring shrimp rolls, fresh greens with homemade ginger dressing and a lot of sushi and sashimi. And yes, we even had a Crazy Elf sushi roll, complete with all the red and green sushi fixings, of course! No cookies for dessert this year, because the little helpers wanted Mochi. We had six different flavors (salted caramel, double chocolate, mocha coffee, strawberry, mango and pistachio) straight from Whole Foods Market

December is about bringing people together. We shared in the magic and joy with a beautiful group last week. This positive energy exchange will undoubtably allow us to flow gently through the remainder of this holiday season.