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I Do For Shore


I Do For Shore

Just as the sun peaked over the horizon, the mother of the bride gently placed the sole of her foot to her shin, brought her hands to hearts center and into prayer, and then slowly moved them above her head. Finding tree pose, she grounded down into the sand, and deeply inhaled gratitude and peace. She was relaxed, still, and prepared to flow through the day. Her feet were on the same shore where she raised this beautiful girl, and she gazed across the water to the piece of land where she would soon give her daughter away.  

There was no coincidence the bride’s wedding color was indigo. This is our third eye chakra, inner state: I know. She moved through this magical day knowing she found the love of her life. 

The bridesmaids laughed as they made their way across the grass, barefoot and onto the sandy beach. They laid out their mats in a straight row, with the bride at the center, just inches away from the slowly rolling waves. 

Emerging into the morning light, wearing all white, the bride joined her girls and was ready to flow. She smiled, gathered a few shells from the beach, and began to ease her way into some lovingly sequenced asanas. The group moved into lizard pose and breathed right into their hips. This position opened up a lot of emotional energy centers in preparation for an entire day filled with love. Pushing back into a final down dog, we paused here to stretch the souls of our feet, gearing up for a night of dancing. The ladies eventually found their way onto their backs and landed right in savasana.

The mother of the bride and the maid of honor extended out a loving and comforting touch to one another, the breath started to slow, and lavender and salt water were the only scent that hovered gently in the air. Stillness was found…right here.

As we flowed from From Mat To Table we raised our glasses, full of the bride’s favorite smoothies, for the first of many toasts that today: I know love. I feel love. I am love. 

The table was set for a beautiful brunch with a champagne glass of prosecco and fresh squeezed juice at each seat! We passed the quiches family-style. Just a few of the bride’s favorite combinations: goat cheese and roasted red peppers; roasted leeks, artichoke hearts and prosciutto; lobster, gruyere and chives; and a shoreside harvest of seasonal vegetables. This meal carried the ladies through their day, so we balanced it with some love-knot breads and muffins loaded with healthy seeds and nuts, and mini chakra-healing fruit and mint skewers.

From Mat To Table was honored and grateful to share space in this sacred day. 

Namaste beautiful people. We see your love, light and grace. 


Ananda Bliss


Ananda Bliss

The candles gently flickered around the room. Luminous white-light bled into the space from the windows. The smell of incense and paleo santo hung in the air. And, 31 beautiful bodies unrolled their mats in a circle, ready to practice something so simple, yet so sacred: yoga. 

Molly tip toed into the center of the group, as we started our flow with a echoing round of OM's. Spines were untwisted, curled, rounded and stretched and we gently woke up our bodies. This beautiful Sunday morning groove, included a few shoulder and chest openers. And before we knew it, slowly, and in unison, our breath began to match our asana. It was simply gorgeous.

Balancing together in perfect unison, the group made their way into tree pose as one. Branches tall, hands touching, and smiles radiating all the way up to the sky. The energy was strong and united.

As we reflect, on this From Mat To Table experience, the blessings are everywhere and the warm feeling of community, one big family, is what we hold near to our hearts. 

Savasana was a 15 minute slumber, full of gentle adjustments, love, and of course, lavender essential oil. On the other side of the large wooden doors, there was a subtle clanging of pots and pans and our stomaches started to grumble as we caught a few aromas from the kitchen.

Relaxed, restored and with restful bodies, the group flowed From Mat To Table. 

We encouraged everyone to make themselves at home, snuggle into a table, next to a big comfy pillow, and continue to enjoy the warm energy and vibrations of each other's company. As bottomless plates were made and mimosas were poured, we paused to welcome everyone to 'the Table' side of this experience. 

One of the reasons this venue was selected is because the food is centered on local, fresh, and non-GMO ingredients that literally fed our mind, body and spirit. Karli talked the group through the various dishes, as we learned a little bit about the rich spices, healthy cuisine, and simple recipes. There is no coincidence Indian dishes include seven main spices, and our bodies have seven chakras. We delighted in sampling so many courses packed with coriander, garam masala, turmeric, cardamom, chiles, cumin, and ginger. As we raised our glasses with this amazing group we toasted to each other, following our passions, and a wonderful year ahead full of health and magic.

Until next time, Namaste Beautiful People.

XOXO, Molly & Karli